James “Whitey” Bulger Jr., 89, the infamous mob boss of Boston, was beaten to death on October 29 at a West Virginia federal prison. Bulger, serving two life sentences, was transferred to the prison, where was murdered within 12 hours of his arrival. Law enforcement says his murderer is 51-year-old mafia hitman Fotios “Freddy” Geas. Geas is serving a life sentence.

Bulger has been serving his sentencing since 2011 after a 16-year chase. The FBI started an official investigation into the murder, and several inmates were placed into solitary confinement for their roles in the homicide. Bulger’s eyes were beaten out of his face with a padlock. First responders say he was unrecognizable.

Fotios Freddy Geas

Bulger, indicted for 19 murders, was the crime boss of the notorious Winter Hill Gang in Boston. He committed such wicked acts that he became a pop culture icon; represented in movies such as “Black Mass” (Johnny Depp) and “The Departed” (Jack Nicholson). For those who know Bulger (or have seen the films), they are well aware that Bulger became an FBI informant (a “rat” in the mob world).

041616- Winter Hill Organization circa 1975 (MSP/DEA chart)

Bulger has been a renegade for the FBI who snitched on his rivals while committing at least 11 murders in the process. Prison officials informed the media that prisoners pushed Bulger, who is in a wheelchair, into a corner where cameras could not capture the attack. It was there Geas, and his accomplices beat Bulger with a padlock, or in prison terms a “lock-in-a-sock.” Despite their best efforts, two inmates were captured on camera during the attack.

For 12 years Bulger was number 2 on FBI’s most wanted list, only trailing Osama Bin Laden.

Whitey earned his ranks through deception and instilling fear in others. Bulger eliminated competition by using his informant status as a weapon.

Johnny Depp portrays Bulger in Black Mass (2015)

James Bulger was a narco and a murderer; ironically most of the homicides he committed were because he found out the victims were snitches. In 1974, Bulger shot rival gang member, Paul McGonagle, in the back seat of a car. Whitey whacked Edward Connors in 1975 because he feared Connors was a rat. Nightclub owner, Richard Castucci, met his demise because Bulger figured Castucci was an informant.

Whitey was notorious for ending people’s lives off of speculation alone. In 1981, Bulger put a bullet in between Roger Wheeler’s eyes because he suspected him of skimming money from their business. In 1982 Brian Halloran wrote his own death wish when he testified against Whitey for the Wheeler murder. Later that year Bulger took out Halloran’s neighbor, John Callahan. Callahan was shot in the back of his head. In 1984, John McIntyre was shot in the head because Bulger thought he was speaking with authorities.

Weapons confiscated from Bulger’s home

Whitey didn’t just murder to tie up loose ends; he also used greed as a motive. Bulger chained Arthur Barrett to a chair and grilled him about his hidden cash. Whitey killed Barrett once he revealed where he kept his stash. This is only to list a few.
Sending Bulger to Hazelton penitentiary was a death sentence. “It was like something out of a movie,” an unnamed guard said. Hazleton has the stigma of being the most violent prison in the country. There was a murder just a few weeks prior at the prison. Many speculate whether or not this was a contributing factor in determining to move Bulger there.

Hazelton Penitentiary aka “Misery Mountain” is a high-security prison in WV.

Whether you agree with the transfer or even care, families of Whitey’s victims rejoice. “There’s one less scumbag on the earth,” said Patricia Donahue, whose husband, Michael, was fatally shot in 1982 as he gave a ride home to Bulger’s intended target.

Family members of Bulger’s victims

“I can only hope it was slow and painful,” said Timothy Connors, whose father was slain by Whitey. “I’m obviously glad it wasn’t from natural causes.” Mary Callahan said with a slight laugh “This is a Halloween present, it’s a treat.” Mary’s husband John was murdered by Whitey. Other victim’s family members plan to deposit money into Geas’ canteen.

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