Back in 2016, a super secret sonic attack weapon was used in Cuba, which specifically targeted U.S diplomats. These attacks were mysterious and sounded like science fiction and eventually forgotten about. On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, a U.S Government employee situated in Guangzhou, China showed the exact same symptoms as the employees of Cuba in 2016. The employee along with his family was evacuated from Guangzhou and is waiting to receive medical treatment for unexplained neurological symptoms.

Just two weeks ago, another U.S Government employee was evacuated from the city of Guangzhou and that person also had symptoms that were extremely similar to the mysterious “sonic attacks” of Cuba. According to the U.S Embassies and consulates in China, the employees of Guangzhou reported abnormal symptoms of disturbing sound and pressure. Although, these employees were diagnosed by the medical professional with mild brain trauma, the symptoms still remain unclear.

Several other medical tests revealed that there were many other similar diagnostics involving U.S employees this week in Guangzhou, China. The state department has reported that a number of individuals that were evacuated from Guangzhou, China were brought back home for thorough medical treatment. The total number of employees is unknown, but the department confirmed that at least one of them works for the U.S Consulate in Guangzhou.

The U.S government has previously profiled these cases as targeted attacks using some kind of sonic attack weapons on U.S Government Officials. This was concluded a year ago, when similar cases of hearing loss, dizziness and severe brain damage were found on victims in Cuba. At least twenty four U.S government employees and their family members were diagnosed in Cuba and also ten Canadian nationals also showed the same symptoms.

The first person to fall ill with these mysterious symptoms was a U.S Intelligence Agent posted in Havana, Cuba. He was examined in February of this year, by Michael Hoffer who is an Otolaryngologist at the University of Miami. The Intelligence Agent was diagnosed with severe pain in the ears and was hearing really odd noises whenever he was inside a room. Weirdly enough, whenever he opens the front door of the room the sounds seem to vanish all of a sudden. Since the important agent was diagnosed with this mysterious illness, the U.S Government was poised to believe that a secret weapon was being used. These types of events also created slight international tensions back in 2016.

A report was published in February of this year by the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) that disputed the claim of the U.S government of secret sonic attack weapons. However, the U.S Government is adamant that their employees are being specifically targeted abroad.

U.S Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, issued a statement on June 5, 2018 that he is working on creating a special task force to deal with “unexplained health incidents that are affecting U.S citizens abroad”. So far, there is no evidence that suggests if the U.S citizens other than diplomats were also targeted in China or Cuba.